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I mosh with a broken arm [entries|friends|calendar]

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Put your feet in the sand

just incase you didn't ctach that []
new livejournal I am no longer going to be usuing this one... mmmkk so add the new one

2 foot printsPut your feet in the sand

new lj

2 foot printsPut your feet in the sand

I bad habit to break []
I need to quit getting stuck in seattle. It seriously happens every week. I lost my keys last night in my drunken state...

oh yeah yesterday me and kim were hit by a bus in my car while going to my friend tysons.

2 foot printsPut your feet in the sand

yeah []
days like today should happen everyday
make it happen

okay thanks...

2 foot printsPut your feet in the sand

[ mood | frustrated ]

DIE IT! *can't help but feel the need to.

Reviewed, it seemed
As if someone were watching over it
Before it was
As if response were based on fact

Providing, deciding, it was soon there
Squared to it, faced to it, it was not there

Renewed, it fought
As if it had a cause to live for
Denied, it learned
As if it had sooner been destroyed

"the more you look at the same exact thing... the better and emptier you feel"

2 foot printsPut your feet in the sand

I don't feel so good.

I want to get paid...I'm taking a break.

I'm sick of feeling like a piece of shit.... and playing it off like I am fine.

5 foot printsPut your feet in the sand

craziest night of my life []
went to a party.... ended up making money selling someone elses keg cups haha.

Why does it say I'm horny on the back of my neck... and who is josse quervo and why is his number on my arm......

1 foot printPut your feet in the sand

gangster shiot let me see you c walk. bitch.... or something

1 foot printPut your feet in the sand

I'm am running across teh street by teh graceland... and I am standing there....

yeah two dude bros (yes dude bros) drive by and yell bjork!!! BJORK!!! out the window.

where is my swan dress......

2 foot printsPut your feet in the sand

shit fuck cock suck.....

sorry excuse my mouth. I am bored. please something exciting happen....right now..... okayy right noww..... damn.


1 foot printPut your feet in the sand

I don't work for the whole week after today...


you know last night did not go the way I thought it would. I had fun though.

4 foot printsPut your feet in the sand

c to the anada... what!? I'm lame. []

Tomorrow I shall be taking a road trip with my friend punk rock Jake. Yes indeed to teh lovely canada we will go...but first to bellingham to visit my friend chris... yep then canada for two nights. We are sleeping in my car... what will we do there you ask....???


In other news hung out with t money last night... weird... I do miss her though

8 foot printsPut your feet in the sand

pretty much I am straving []
[ mood | hungry ]

There is no food in my house! So for the past two days I've only had a few pieces of candy.

awww my dog just came in the room all wet from the rain... it's cute.

So I went to the schoolyardheroes show on Halloween... yeah now I pretty much think I need to start a band. haha, everytime I see them they just have such great stage presence and make it look like so much fun.

I also went to a show on friday called the dead things ball... it was pretty lame as compared to how it use to be when they had it in marysville.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

that was what I wore... vampire...pretty original huh... whatever, whatever you're just jealous becuase I had sweet fangs, which actually broke the next night at kate's party... that was lame, the cost me 14.99 at hot topic.

I plan on eating soon... when you bring me food... who wants to volunteer???

4 foot printsPut your feet in the sand

guy trouble? []
[ mood | aggravated ]

But I have a boyfriend, I thought I wasn't suppose to have guy troubles if I had a boyfriend... yeah right.

I am such a horrible person. I feel like crap right now.

Not only have a done terrible things, but I'm tired... and I haven't seen my friends in a long time. Work is stressing me out because I work pretty much everyday, 9 hours each day. I have fridaya nd saturday off though. But I don't even feel liek hanging out with anyone I'm just tired, you know?

15 foot printsPut your feet in the sand

wooooaah she's back []
[ mood | sick ]


I am sick and in Ellensburg.

long time no entries aye?

7 foot printsPut your feet in the sand

goodness []
sooo today I made Amber's hair platinum blonde... yeah and I cut Allyson's hair super hot.... and stuff. It was fun.

Later today Garrett is coming yeah. He's a lovely boyfriend. Almost been three weeks for us. ♥

p.s. I hate little 15 year old girls.... yeah they suck....16 year olds too... sometimes. They need to get over themselves.

8 foot printsPut your feet in the sand

goood bye to the mean greens and blues []
[ mood | cheerful ]

I'm dying my hair all black tomorrow
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

no more school for a month and a half... heck yes.

1 foot printPut your feet in the sand


I can't tell if life is good or bad.

the good
School is on break for a month and a half in two days
I might get a job at best buy
I am dying my hair completely black again
Garrett is my favorite EVER
I have been hanging out with Lacey more

the bad
I might have a warrent out for my arrest...because I haven't made a payment on my mip yet
I didn't get a student loan for next quarter
I have been doing terrible at quitting old habits

3 foot printsPut your feet in the sand

my lips are chaped []
and they hurt real bad. .... no joke.

I could cut hair for teh rest of my life.... oh wait I'm going to be, dang life couldn't be any better.

I am going to be dying all my hair black and growing teh damaged parts out sooo I can get it to be brown again. hehehe.

the boyfriend is coming soon.

I wish I were at hot hot heat and eisely right now... sad. what happen to you shows... I've wondered from you.

5 foot printsPut your feet in the sand

I'm missing all the disappointment []
[ mood | loved ]

Dang, it feels good to be at a parked laying in the grass wrapped up in a blanket like a burrito with someone that makes you feel so wonderful you could care less what else has gone on, or is currently going on in your life.

for kites and snorkels and a niffty bright pink outfit...and all the things I need to frolic around and have fun.

I might get a jobbie at best buy..hahhaha oh yes! AND THEN let the frolicing begin with my pockets full of dollars. I do what I want bitches.

Here's something clever...to donate me money click here

Because you have money!

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